5(0) Shades.

Hello Chiquita Bananas!

First off, no I haven’t watched the movie, I’ve watched something better –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHtlgJSJ8eA&t=236s 

iiSuperwomanii is hilarious, isn’t she?

But yes, I may have gotten a little inspiration from the movie title. And as a hijabi, you can really be creative with the shades of grey when you have an ombre grey/black scarf. Since the theme of the outfit was set, it was pretty easy to put together. I had recently purchased dark gray loose pants from H&M and paired that with my light gray chiffon cardigan from SheIn. Okay, yes I know white isn’t gray,  but hey it’s pretty close right!

But you get the idea of the outfit!

Check out the rest of the details below!

OMG where did you get that?!

  • Chiffon Cardigan: Shein
  • White Slit Tunic: Forever21
  • Gray Loose Pants: H&M
  • Black Suede Shoes: Forever21
  • Hijab: Hijab Loft

IMG_9597 copyIMG_9598 copyIMG_9599 copyIMG_9601 copyIMG_9604 copyIMG_9605 copyIMG_9611 copyIMG_9613 copyIMG_9620 copy.jpg



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