Timmies, Toronto, & (CN) Towers.

Hello Chiquita Bananas!

Sorry I know, this post is a day late…but how’s everyone summer going!? Almost back to school so I hope everyone’s making the most of it.

This past week, Irfan and I were in Canada for my bro-in-laws engagement! It was my first time in Canada since I was 7 years old, and all I can re-call is going to a safari and monkeys climbing on our car..yeah, it was a fun time for sure!

But this time, I really got to check what Canada is all about aka I finally got to have to a mocha iced cappe from Tim Hortons. Of course whenever planning a trip, I always try to plan some supah cute outfits, because hello there’s going to perfect picture spots and Instagram.

Just wanted to sum up all my outfits into this post, so enjoy checking them out!

Let me know which outfit is your favorite!

FullSizeRender (1)
Engagement tingz.


Think I’m rubbing off on him…


S/O to Trillium Park for this sick view.

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