One Year.

Hello Chiquita Bananas! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was extra amazing because me and the hubs just celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary! I feel like it wasn’t too long ago that I was writing my first blog post about how I just got married and moved to California. I know I had posted a few pictures of our wedding events, but today I just wanted to share some more “behind-the scenes” and “candid” pictures! So sorry for no outfit post, but I do have a trip to Canada coming up, so expect a bunch coming your way when I’m back. But for now, sit back, relax (grab some popcorn if you want to), and scroll away.

image_6483441 (5)
Ma clique ❤

image_6483441 (4)fatima-2fatima-14.jpgfatima-97fatima-39

image_6483441 (3)
Bride basics.
From Left to Right: Glam Squad (#makeupbymishaal), Jedal (maid of honor), Laadi (bride), Bhabi (sister-in-law), Glam Squad (#hairbyanum)
The struggle was real.
The hubs says I looked like a dementor…*rolling eyes emoji* #whatamIgoingtodowithhim
She would. *rolling eyes emoji* #lovehateher #bestjedalever


Shout out to Le Trend Boutique for making my dream wedding dress!
Irfan Fatema-jpegs 2-0131.jpg
Favorite part about being a bride (besides having amazing hair & make up #glamsquadgoals) is having mehndi (henna) done.


First day as husband and wife calls for a selfie.


Love my crazy big fam bam ❤

IMG_2292Irfan Fatema-jpegs 3-0083.jpg

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We had some pretty cute ring bearers.

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Irfan Fatema-jpegs 3-0105.jpg

Irfan Fatema-jpegs 3-0123.jpg
And then we lived happily ever after ❤




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