My Summer Go-To For You!

Hi guys…I know I know, where the bananas have I been!? At first, I was just taking a little Ramadhan break because usually my husband does my outfit pictures. And with fasting and all, I thought I’d spare him the exhaustion. Yes, Ramadhan was finished like forever ago (even thought I still have my “HAPPY RAMADAN” banner still up), I guess I just got a little busy and caught up with the weekend craziness.

To be honest, I don’t have proper “photo shoot” pictures, BUT I told myself I have to post because it’s just been too long, ya feel me?

So summer in California was definitely hotter than I expected. But thankfully, by the evening time the weather starts to cool down. During the summer, more than wanting to eat watermelon, I just want to be super comfortable and wear apparel that allows a good flow (preferably). I was online browsing H&M ( of course) some time ago and I came across these palm leaf patterned pants. Of course I told myself I don’t have anything like it, so I had to buy it..I can be easily convinced to shop.

Ever since I bought them, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn them (but it’s a lot). They’re just SO comfortable (feels like pjs) and soft and totally summer appropriate with the mixed shades of warm summer colors and not to mention the obvious palm leaf print.

You can dress these up or go for a casual look as well! This made purchasing them all the more worth it. Hope these looks inspire you to (shop?) and get some super comfortable and cute printed pants of your own!

OMG where did you get that!?

  • Pants: H&M
  • Pleated Olive Cardigan:
  • Pleated Olive Tunic: H&M
  • Bomber jacket: Bershka
  • Brown slit maxi dress:
  • Taupe Chiffon Hijab: Hijab Loft

IMG_9567 copyIMG_9575 copyIMG_9580 copy.jpgIMG_9585 copy.jpg


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